Frequently Asked Questions Haifa Delicatessen & Caterers, 3109 Palliser Dr SW

Haifa Delicatessen & Caterers

3109 Palliser Dr SW, Calgary AB

(403) 238-0525

This Restaurant is Reportedly Closed / Out of Business.

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We have received reports that Haifa Delicatessen & Caterers is out of business. Please give them a call at (403) 238-0525!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a list of typical questions we have received on our contact page.

Q. What is this web page?

A. The food pages of Haifa Delicatessen & Caterers on 3109 Palliser Dr SW Calgary are an online venue connecting this deli Restaurant to its patrons. Haifa Delicatessen & Caterers representatives add information to this page such as: menu prices, specials, help wanted ads, gift cards, coupons, notices, descriptions, pictures, hours, etc;, while patrons post reviews, photos, comments, corrections, etc.

Q. How does it work?

A. Restaurant staff logs in to, where they may also respond to visitors' reviews and comments. Visitors do not have to log in to write reviews. Optionally they can personalize their food pages, however the default visitor profile is anonymous.

Q. You have a visitor counter. Do you track your web page visitors?

A. Your privacy is our number one concern. Unless you have logged in and set your user name, your reviews will be signed by an anonymous nickname 790th. This is a random word linking your visitor number to the time of your visit. No personally identifiable information about you is stored at foodpages, only a statistical summary. As of today, 790 visitors have visited this page. You are the 790th.

Q. How long has been around?

A. A relatively new listing on food pages, it was updated on May 10, 2016. It has not received any reviews, yet.

Q. Does Haifa Delicatessen & Caterers pay a fee to be listed here?

A. No. This service is free, and it will always be. Hence we have no conflict of interest in the moderation of reviews and comments.

Q. How do you ensure that the information you are displaying on these pages is correct?

A. That depends on visitors who frequent this Restaurant and suggest corrections if needed, and to a greater extent on Haifa Delicatessen & Caterers representatives who have the option of claiming this page and keeping their information up to date. We also make many efforts to keep this information up to date, but we make no guarantees as such.

This F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) summary was last updated on May 10, 2016.

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